strawberry & avocado bruschetta

packed with

This is less of a recipe and more of an assembly job making it ideal for a lazy weekend brunch. Strawberries and avocado are divine together so naturally I am super excited for strawberry season. When I have a space for a graden strawberries are on my wish list.

I love to buy a loaf of rye sourdough bread once a week if I can. Rye is lower in gluten that other grains and sourdough bread is great for your gut as it is classed as a fermented food. I also find that is keeps fresh for longer than other loafs. There is a bread school near my home in Tipperary where you can learn to make your own rye bread, it called Riot Rye (great name), a visit here is also on my to do list, in case you were interested! See more about them here

makes one serving (half/ or double easily)

1 large slice of thickly cut rye bread (or other fresh bread of choice) 1 medium avocado (pit removed) 4-6 medium strawberries (hulled and sliced) sea salt & black pepper freshly torn basil to garnish (optional)

make and do

  • - cut the bread in half and lightly toast both sides
  • - remove the flesh from the avocado, mash or chop and season with salt & pepper
  • - add the avocado to the toast and arrange the strawberries on top (this looks more attractive if you slice the avocado and then top with the strawberries but I find it easier to eat with the avocado mashed - personal preference I guess)
  • - top with some basil and go for it, get these monounsaturated fats into you!