meat free sandwiches

29 | Oct | 2015

It’s been a bad week on the ham sandwich front so understandably some of you might welcome some lunch box lessons suitable for the smallies and us grown up’s too! In case anyone has been living under a rock the World Health Organisation has published new findings that warn against the risks associated with frequent consumption of processed meat. The health benefits of eating less meat in conjunction with more plants is well documented, however it appears that people are very upset by the news this week. This really isn’t cause to panic but a great reason to reduce your meat intake and embrace more plants as a means to counteract any of the less desirable components found in meat. As you well know I am a huge advocate for eating more plants so here are ten ‘meat free’ sandwich fillings that go down well in my house.

Using whatever style of bread you fancy (brown is best of course) in a wrap or pita, sandwiched in sourdough or piled on an open soda;

Additional extras suitable for most of the above: a dollop of hummus, a sprinkle of fresh herbs and a topper of toasted pumpkin seeds or pine nuts.

Top tip: I recommend investing in a variety of sized lunch boxes and a lunch bag to hold all the bits, it could well be a lifesaver!

Mary. x