miyazaki - japanese take out

24 | Jul | 2015

Tucked away on Evergreen street, which is just off the bottom of Barracks Street in Cork (and luckily for me a short stroll from my house) this is not a blink and you’ll miss it sort of place as there is a large Geisha mural painted on the wall outside. I took a long overdue first visit to Miyazaki last weekend to suss out the vegetarian options and it did not disappoint; sure if it’s good enough for Tom Doorley and the John and Sally McKenna’s Guides?!

The menu suits a range of appetites with a bento boxes and sushi options ready to go straight from the fridge, hot noodle and rice focused dishes and a board listing all the daily specials. The buzz from the kitchen and the aromas made it a little hard for me to focus on the menu!

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There is a small counter area to sit down to eat but this is really a take away so that’s what we did. Andy, my husband, and I choose Yaski Gyoza (vegetarian dumplings), Ten Don Donburi (rice bowl with prawn and vegetable tempura), Shimeji (mushroom tempura) tossed in sesame oil and Sunomono, (pickled Irish sea spaghetti and cucumber). Back home, we shared these dishes with the accompanying dipping sauces. It was so tasty and satisfying but without the heaviness of your average takeaway. This ‘tasty’ I later learned was umami, which is the fifth taste brought about by the dashi broth. Very moreish indeed!

The staff were super friendly and helpful (I tend to get over excited and ask too many questions when it comes to food sometimes!). It’s reasonably priced with a typical main dish priced at 9.50. I’m heading back later in the week for lunch time vegetarian bento box a steal at 8.50.

Hope all my Cork readers get the chance to visit if you haven’t already.

Mary. x